Monday, January 12, 2009

I should have been a food blogger. (Maybe I still can be....) Why? because lately, all I want to do is read recipes, try recipes, go food shopping, and use every piece of Fiestaware I own to serve (and photograph) fabulous food. Very little else interests me lately which is a serious problem.

Well it's serious in the sense that I would also like to loose 15 lbs, write quite prolifically
on the collectionspace about all things I find fascinating about collecting, finish watching the 1st season of 6 Feet Under, succeed at my insurance job, find the happiness that must have been packed in our office move, and finally recover these chairs in my dining room. That's a lot and made for a great run-on sentence and it's being put on hold for the most part because I am
obsessed with cooking beans and Swiss chard in chipolte tomato sauce.

In other words, I have been majorly distracted lately. I have been distracted before but I am having a harder time getting out of my own this time. So in am attempt to look my demons in the eye I bring you:

10 Things I Like (to be distracted by)

1. Cooking- as I mentioned I just want to stand in my kitchen with a stocked pantry and an endless supply of vegetables and chop and dice until I've run out things to saute and roast, when I will move on to baking and finally eating. Someone else can wash the dishes ;)

2. Color Junction- I have a sickness. I love really dumb games. Curse you iGoogle.

3. Sleeping- On the weekend you are a great way to spend a morning hiding from dogs who want to walked in a cold snowy winter, all snuggled up in my very comfortable bed underneath the beautiful silver gray duvet. During the week you are a great thing to avoid doing for when I sleep all weekend I get all f-ed up and then have a hard time falling asleep at 10pm like I should.

4. Reading- Not that its a bad thing to spend time on, but how much time is appropriate to be spent reading articles about fish oil? Lately I say ALL the time.

5. Vacation Planning- The dream of taking a mid-winter retreat to warmer lands will finally be realized next month and it takes a lot of planning and internet research to be carefree for 6 days.

6. Not Going to The Gym- Yes, not going is also a distraction because I spend lots of time thinking about going, or devising a plan of when to go and then I don't actually go. I do something like play Color Junction for an hour. Then I have to make excuses for myself. Vicious cycle you see.

7. Day Dreaming- Nothing like practicing your award acceptance speech while walking the dogs.

8. Watching bad movies- The power to turn the TV is in my hands and my hands only. "Waiting" was not worth it. Sadly, I did not utilize my remote control.

9. Watching Good Movies- Actually, take this one off. Good movies are not a distraction, they are good for you!

10. Creating Lists (Top 10 type included) for myself- at work and at home I have started a collection of lists. Soon to keep track of them I will have to make a list of my lists and then catalog them, and well thats just silly.

11. Listening to Fresh Air and The Moth podcasts- Actually, I don't know if this falls under distraction or good use of time. Either way I've been really enjoying both lately. I like the stories.

So there you go internet, these are the things I have been using to hold myself back! or something like that. Anyway, I guess this is as close as I will get to writing a new year resolution post. If you'd like to read a properly inspiring one, Holly at, Nothing But Bonfires has written one for you and the rest of us.

Here's to being less distracted in days to come. Cheers!

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Maris said...

LOL - I like cooking and not going to the gym too, which is unfortunately becoming a problem for my dress size.