Friday, December 08, 2006

dog heart car

i have a 70lb dog. he is just about as adorable as can be with his brown coat and white sox and big sad eyes. he is one of those dogs that loves the car. i know i know, lots of dogs love the car but this guy is all about the car. i don't really know why.

he's a big boy and not allowed in the front seat. he can't stick his head out the window. there are no special treats in the car or even runnaway crumbs floating in the back where he sits. he often shares the back with the suitcases, sleeping bags, shopping bags, ect so he always seems a little squished to me. but still he loves the car.

he is so happy to get in the back and sit up tall and rest his head over the passengers seat headrest or over my husband's shoulder while he drives. eventually he will lay down. usually he then rests his little chin on the center arm rest right next to your arm. this way he can relax but still look out the front windsheild.

he is the type of dog that when you say "want to go for a ride?" when you are standing in the kitchen he spins in circles. then when given the opportunity, he runs out the door over to the car and waits. normally when given the opportunity he runs to the school behind the house to hunt around the dumpster. whats his thing with the car? well- I have to imagine that he likes the scenery. he likes to look out the window and see the world passing him by. all the landscapes, the people walking, the ducks on the reservoir, the cars driving by us, the trees, the buildings...and perhaps its the anticipation of not knowing where we're going. he doesn't know when its just a trip to get coffee or if we are going to the much beloved doggy day care. he is just happy to go. i'm sure that could be applied as a life lesson somewhere.

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hows yr edge said...

He is a big fan of the car because he does his best thinking in the car too. ;)