Wednesday, January 24, 2007

little wood?

living in new england is great- there is history here- the stuff text books are made of. you know when take the duck tour through boston and see all the historic sights- the old north church, beacon hill, the paul revere house...real revolutionaries walked the same streets we walk today. sam adams was a real man you know- not just a cartoon beer maker. its cool. anyway....I become acutely aware of this sense of history when these big old trees are felled and chipped. this massive trunk its about 15 feet away from the road on my daily drive. the stumps have been there for months. today I finally pulled over to look at them close up- touch the old trees and of course take a picture or two. I am always in amazement at their size. they are massive and heavy and I always wonder what they looked like when henry david thoreau walked by them as he made his way around that part of what would become metrowest. what would he think now seeing them laying on the side of the road? I shudder to think. I don;t know why they had to be felled- were they sick? or were they just in the way? I'm not sure. We have a big old tree in our yard. I should really spend some time taking care of it.

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