Sunday, February 04, 2007

pick ups

this week I was feeling the winters blahs. It was cold and colder every day. there are projects all over the house I just don't feel like finishing and money is tight. blah. I decided I needed a little relief- so I did one of those things I've always meant to do. I got in the car and drove to a handful of the second hand shops in and around town.

I drove dreaming of going back to France to visit the largest antique market I have ever seen (Brimfield is no match for that place).

keeping my eyes peeled for fiestaware, kitchen gadgets, botanical prints, picture frames and the perfect desk for the living room- I set out. I also visited my favorite farm and got a "chicken" sandwich from O'Naturals.

much to my surprise there was a great little second hand/consignment shop right in my town. amazingly things there were actually reasonable- wooden chairs were $10, multi-colored glass ware was all under $8 and there was a beautiful bureau with a mirror for $125...wait but I wasn't looking for a bureau......anyway I did make a couple of excellent pick ups to satisfy my craving for ceramics. and I also have a couple places to visit when I am feeling the need to do a little cheapo retail therapy in the future.

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