Monday, June 11, 2007

politico on the corner

so- this is really the most interesting corner on my daily drive. things happen here....sort of.

this guy sets himself up outside at least once a week, signs in hand to tell all the town his feelings on GW. most people have given up on trying to "impeach the lying bastard" but not this guy. he exercises his rights, on the corner. he gets a fair amount of beeps and waves. I like him.

one day not so long ago, the husband and I stopped in the starbucks for a "to go" and mr. protest was inside- drinking starbucks with his buddies. and yes he had one of the signs with him at the table and he was wearing suspenders. I snapped a picture of his truck as we exited. he left his truck to protest for him while he drank his cup of joe. ingenious. one day perhaps I'll strike up a conversation with him. I sure he has many interesting things to say, but for now I'll just keep driving.

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