Sunday, August 05, 2007

back up plan

still feeling summery but not wanting to take the hour+ drive to the ocean, the husband and I opted for a different summer outing. we were all set to go to the beach, but I'm glad we had a change in plans- especially plans that included sleeping late.after sleeping in, we packed a picnic lunch and headed to bedford, MA where we stopped at a starbucks and I was so flustered after not having been in such a long time that I forgot how to order an iced grande soy caramel macchiatto (who could forget such a thing?) then we hit up a bike shop and checked out the latest and greatest in road bikes for a few. we hopped in the car and headed over to Minute Man National Park. the park is picturesque on a lovely summer day in august. we walked the trail, over the north bridge, stopped at the river, checked out the visitor center and saw a ben franklin. unfortunately I got no pictures of this ben. we had hummus & tabuli on pita with ripe native tomatoes and chatted on our picnic blanket. we then took a walk through historic concord center and I got to hit a couple antique shops. a lovely day was had by all...and no one got a sun burn.


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