Thursday, August 16, 2007

low point, high snack

I can't lie- I hit a very low point today while at work. I was so frustrated, so annoyed , so crazed that I had to answer yet another DUMB question that I almost cried. It was bad because they were not tears of anger peaking over my eyelids...they were tears asking me to abandon ship. I felt like giving up. I wanted desperately for about 30 long seconds to throw in the towel, rip my insurance license to shreds, cross the CIC off my business card and put my email on "out of office"- permanently. Of course I pulled it together, took a deep breath and got up from my chair. I drank some water and answered the poor fool who didn't have a clue as to what he was doing. I ate my lunch soon after and then I left the office without a destination in mind. My little car must have felt my disgruntled mind and steered me toward the coffee shop- for a nice, cold refreshing iced soy latte. it was good. it lifted my spirits and seems to have pumped me with enough caffeine to have made dinner, walk the dog, do a yoga work out, wash the floor and change the sheets on the bed. thank goodness for ability to get out at lunch and refresh with a simple cold beverage.

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