Tuesday, August 28, 2007


time has been getting away from me lately. there seems to be so little of it to go around. the last couple weeks of summer have flown by and there has been no extended vacation here.

last week flew by extra fast. it must have been all the stuff we jammed into it. buying the new car, bringing home the little guy, a wedding and an anniversary party. I am tired from the weekend of family affairs, but don't get me wrong I had a wonderful time.

the thing is, it hasn't ended there. I have a business associate in town this week and we have been traveling to visit clients and the like. the up side of entertaining business guests is eating out at places you wouldn't normally go to (hello mushroom risotto)- the downside is insurance as the main topic of dinner conversation (hello drag).

tomorrow we head to the cape for a meeting, which should be interesting. on the way we will pick up one of my brokers and I will get to ride in the car for an hour with two insurance geeks. seriously. help me if I become one of these guys one day.

unfortunately I doubt that I will be taking many snapshots as that doesn't seem very business like. who knows, maybe I'll sneak a few in and feel liberated at the prospect of secretly blogging about insurance geeks who are old enough to be my grandfather!

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