Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a month in review

after a little slacking on my part I thought I would give a little month in review...there have been changes- some big, some small- there have been ups and downs, and there have been days that I did not have the camera...let's take a look.....

I no longer drive a WV...I love the new car, but there are things that the subaru just doesn't that roll up the windows from the outside feature....but hey minor, right?

some days i go out to my car at lunch and snap a picture of what's going on .... last week I was it! no seriously the parking lot was mysteriously quiet...I was the only one out there.

it's fall now- you can get a pumpkin (or a watermelon?) to get in the spirit. also, learned, as I drove by this farm stand, that middle-aged Moms should not wear short-shorts with writing on the butt to pick out pumpkins (you can thank me for sparing you the picture) it's just looks wrong.

this is what I picked out for my mom offered to buy me something "pretty", but I picked out this cast iron I nuts? no way!

no more more stick shift...weird. actually most of the time I am VERY ok with this- but sometimes I still grab the shifter and push the imaginary clutch. (most of the time it's accidental)this would be the reason I am VERY ok with not driving stick anymore. my drive to work one morning took over an hour...that's over an hour to travel 10 miles. fortunately I was able to send myself some text messages.....
I lost my sunglasses for two days.....found 'em... I won't tell you where....

sometimes at lunch I don't just go out an take a random picture. no, sometimes I go to starbucks...for a iced soy latte, or an iced tea, or to visit my cousin because now she works at the one near my office. (no hook up though-damn)

as for the parts that I didn't have the camera...the only one I really regret is missing the snap shot of Ann wearing this really sweet victorian era hat while in a vintage textile shop sturbridge this weekend....and I also saw an animal medium which was a bit wild but not great for photographs.

yes I should get back to every day blog posts- I keep reading that the best way to make something a habit and to get through any creativity blocks is to do it every day- no matter what.


renee said...

yes, do it everyday. i force myself to do it monday through thursday. hey, if you don't have something to say, post a photo!

i forget what it's like to have a lunch break. those were the good ole days. not!

Melissa said...

oh the lunch break! today I got a massage break instead.

I will commit to daily posts as the blog is called "drive daily".