Tuesday, October 09, 2007

set ups

this weekend we took to the great outdoors for a little r&r- it ended up being more like w&t (wet & tired) but we managed to have a pretty good time. as we walked the dogs around the camp ground i was struck by the different set ups available for camp sites. it seems there is one for everyone.

there was a good representation of huge tour-bus like rv's complete with satellite dishes and flat screen tv's. it was to be expected, i suppose, seeing that we were in the tourist friendly area of camden and it is october. however there were also plenty of pull-behind trailers and tent-cities. there was even a smattering of hard-core campers including a super tough guy who slept in a lean to despite the serious rain storm both nights. i didn't take his picture for fear that such an action would upset him. can you blame me? here are my favorites:

space ship
rain gear
a little old school completely jealously producing

In case you were wondering- we are tent city types thanks to my ll bean working father in law. he rules!

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