Monday, December 17, 2007

yankee swap

some places of business don't get into the holidays. mine does. we have a "holiday party" where everyone shows up wearing red and says 'merry christmas'. we usually put a tree up in our reception area and we have an annual pot-luck luncheon where we gather around and eat a ton of food and those of us who wish take part in our annual yankee swap.

each year the swap starts out all nice and people are too polite to swap gifts away but as the game wears on people start to get more into it. there is gift-hiding under the table thereby employing the 'out of sight out of mind technique'. i didn't have to hide my gift. i kept it on my lap the whole time. i was lucky because i drew a crap number (5) but i still didn't have to fight anyone off. not like emily who pulled the scratch tickets, or ellen who pulled the bottle of chardonnay. i didn't even have to defend myself against david who pulled the coveted #1. he was after the smart-mug (sort of). nope- i pulled myself a pig out the gift pile. she's cute, don't you think?


renee said...

i love that pig! one day it will be mine! oh wait, that is the enamel pot.

Melissa said...

hands off the pot, lady! (and no, you can't keep your weed in there)