Thursday, February 21, 2008

10 things i like

1. sleeping in
2. mini-vacations with outdoor hot tubs
3. those bags filled with rice that you microwave
4. when the husband downloads tv shows for me to watch
5. soup (lentil, pumpkin, black bean)
6. pommelos
7. pommelo tea to "cleanse the soul and repel evil" (ok i've never tried it but who couldn't use a little soul cleansing evil repellent)
8. heart shaped pie

9. chocolate covered almonds rolled in sugar & sea salt
10. finishing projects


Heather said...

Because of this post, I noticed something new in the neighborhood Beverages & More (or BevMo): a pomelo wine. So bought it and it was an absolutely delicious sauvignon blanc. I highly recommend it. :)

Melissa said...

That sounds really good. I wonder if I can find it here.

Recently I've been sampling the differnt Trader Joe's Reserves. The cabernet sauvignon has been my favorite so far.