Monday, March 03, 2008

"it's cookie time"...those little boxes have delivered

they deliver them every year- those wacky girl scouts and their moms. every year when the boxes show up i smile with delight when i see my green box of thin mints. i always open the box with the best intentions thinking "take two cookies, that is all you need" and i am fine with that. ok, i am fine with that...until i bite into the first one and then immediately devour the 2nd one and dive back into the box thinking "two more will do it" and then " just 3 more". basically i come up for air when the first sleeve is gone. yup, my love of mint-chocolate extends far beyond york peppermint patties and it is heavily entrenched in the girl scout cookie market.

i basically love these things and i obviously loose all power and self control when they come into my life. i shouldn't even order them, but i do every year. its good that they aren't really available year round because then instead of being just bit over my ideal weight i would be in serious trouble if i could get these any old day. well maybe thats not true. maybe if i could them when ever i wanted i wouldn't have to binge so carelessly every march.

whatever. i just admitted to eating half a box of cookies in one sitting. i should probably stop writing and go for a run. except that i generally only run away from danger and this ankle isn't really back in shape yet. maybe i'll just watch tv instead. where is that other sleeve of cookies?

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