Sunday, March 02, 2008

tissues...i need tissues

oh my. have you ever had a week so shitty that the only way you can think to repair the damage done is to fashion yourself a time machine, go back to when you were about 12 and just live your life over again? last week was one of those weeks.

it started with the dog training on wednesday. i was excited and ready but lack confidence in my decision to go that route. my hesitation must have been very apparent to the dogs because last thursday will forever be known as the day briggs and i had a show down in the yard.

we had taken a morning walk and were returning to the house at about 6:45am, just in time for me to shower and dress for work. but briggs saw an opportunity when i made him sit before tromping up the back stairs. he wiggled out of his harness, broke free and proceeded to make life a living hell for the next hour. the details are over-rated. at this point all that is important is that i was stuck in the yard with my dog unable to move him for 20 mins and at the end of it wasted an hour of my day trying to get my big brown dog to come inside.

frustrated, overwhelmed and tearful i was finally able to get him in the house. i was an hour late for work and so shook up that i probably should have just stayed home.

at work i proceeded to have a crap day. both my underwriters were for upset with me and one was outwardly snarky with me- which is never good. i then had to send "stern" emails to two people. i lost a good sized account after much effort invested in trying to salvage i. then, i yelled at my boss in front of everyone. and then it gets better....

i finally calmed down. my heart stopped racing from the morning of freaking out. i was sitting at my desk typing away when my foot started to hurt. FOR REAL hurt. i took my shoe off. then my sock. then suddenly i'm looking at swollen thing that used to be my ankle but surely can't be because last i checked my ankle was in fact an ankle and not a cankle. i tried at that point to make my way over to the printer and couldn't really walk. so i left work early (after arriving an hour late) to drive myself to the er where i was x-rayed and looked over. i don't recall being in that much pain before i was sure i had broken my foot.

good news is that somewhere in my fit of rage that morning with the dog i managed only to sprain my ankle. i was given some super advil, some crutches and an air cast. crutches are for sissies so i just used my air cast and some ice.

friday morning i limped out of the house to go to work to be met by the crossing guard, who proceeded to show me how my neighbor had backed out of his driveway and into the door of my car. so she then very nicely held my coffee and my purse while i climbed into my car with my gimpy foot because my door wouldn't open. yup. the little old lady crossing guard said, "wow you've had a terrible week. you should just go back to bed".

fortunately my day at work was slow and uneventful. of course then i got home in time to have to dealwith my car-crunching neighbor and somehow get into a tiff with the husband where i'm sure i ended up sounding like a complete jack-ass. in the end we patched things up and he left to go see earth crisis and i stayed home to watch tv, rest my foot and savor two glasses of wine.

looking back on the week i can see about 1,000 ways that i didn't handle myself well. mostly i couldn't get out of my own way and instead of calming down and centering myself to move forward, i basically plowed over myself and anyone unfortunate enough to be in front of me.

here's hoping that i can learn from all this, that this week is great and that my foot heals quickly.


hows yr edge said...

I think everything was patched up nicely pre-Earth Crisis. I didn't feel the need once to firestorm anyone.

Here's to a much better week!

Melissa said...

you should have firestormed something just because you could.