Sunday, March 09, 2008

we drove all the way to nh and all i got was this relaxation

we drove to nh on thursday in the pt cruiser (which was good because according to the locals they plow the streets with hand grenades and the gti never would have made it). we got there and pretty much did nothing. well, thats not entirely true. the husband ate a lot of candy and fell asleep at 8pm. i bought some post cards and ate a black & white cookie. we visited two mountains but didn't ski. we lounged in the hot tub instead of taking a late afternoon nap and before leaving we ate some vegan pancakes...but pretty much nothing got done. i don't even think i took pictures of anything. we just drove and laughed and slept and admired the potholes and the 800 feet of snow up in the mountains. all 3 day work weeks should end like that.


hows yr edge said...

I love candy. The breakdown is actually pretty short for that trip.

1) Spree
2) 1 hot ball (what kind of general store only carries the GIANT $2 jawbreakers?)
3) Ginger beer (it wasn't diet, so it might as well be candy)

That was it. I think the falling asleep had to do with candy+soda+carrot cake+ ... That'd do it.

renee said...

sounds like a perfect long weekend! and there was no guilt involved. i love it!