Wednesday, April 09, 2008

100 calories but not worth it

i was fooled. duped if you will. for some reason i let a coworker confuse me into thinking that a 100 pack of hostess cupcakes would be good. i must have been having a weak moment and i know i have no one but myself to blame here, but i don't even like regular calorie hostess cupcakes. why would i think they would be better tasting with LESS FAT?

anyway while at target the other day i had a very weak moment and a serious chocolate craving and when i walked by these right before the checkout i purchased a box. then i tried to eat them. i realized immediately that they are gross, but i ate several of them anyway. so i suppose i am gross too. ah diss.

well, now i will be sure to remember not to take the advice of this coworker concerning food fashion or anything else.

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