Monday, April 14, 2008

the nana

time: sunday afternoon
place: my 81 year old nana's new senior housing apartment (read: apartment big enough for 1 tiny old lady to cook, watch tv, and sleep without taking more than 3 steps in any direction)
faces in attendance: the nana, my mother (mom), and my father (dad)

mom: this tea is very good
the nana: you are suppose to drink it black- it's special tea
mom: i usually like a little milk
me: i always drink tea black
the nana: you like this?...take it home
(the nana then picks up the piece of blue glassware i was sitting next to, empties it and places it in my hand)
dad: *rolls eyes*

the nana: oh, melissa you work right down the street?
me: yes, i can come over and have lunch with you sometimes.
the nana: you can come when are you going to have...'little people'?
me: uh, *blink* i don't know yet *blink*.
the nana: well its very expensive to have 'little people' now. i can wait, don't worry.
dad: *rolls eyes*

and i wondered why when i got home i was just a tad wound up.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, so when are you going to have some little people???

Melissa said...

thats my best answer about that right now.