Tuesday, May 13, 2008

best card yet

i have been postcrossing for a few months now. so far it has been pretty neat. i write a couple cards every few weeks and pepper them with happy messages to strangers about living in MA, having two dogs, or going to cape cod. i'm never quite sure who is going to get the cards, or who is going to read them since they are post cards, so i don't divulge too much information on them. in return i have received cards from all over the globe that have similar messages. most make note about their city or village and most cards are a montage of pictures on the front. until today my favorite was the card i got from israel. why was this my favorite? because the photo collage included a photograph of a nuclear reactor...at night. how odd. certainly not a tourist attraction in the us. we tend to hide our nuclear reactors behind those fake christmas tree looking cell phone towers. so on today and why the card from israel is now my second favorite. take a look at this card from turkey....

nice card. pretty normal but upon closer inspection perhaps i noticed this:

and then i flipped it over to read the message:

which also made me chuckle. my guess is that those guys on the front moved to turkey to take advantage of the cheap loving and raw sweaty denim.

i guess what they are doing is called kirkpinar wrestling, which is an ancient sport where men are doused in oil and fight to pass the time between marching and invading new territories. perhpas the oil could become a new twist to the UFC. good idea? yes!

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