Wednesday, May 07, 2008


the last few days have been consumed pretty much entirely by the husband's surgery. and while i spent most of tuesday completely stressed, i learned that as usual, my teeth clenching and wincing back tears, was all for not.

not only did the husband's jaw surgery go well, but he is days ahead of schedule on his recovery. he hasn't needed a pain med yet. he hasn't complained once. he started drinking fluids as soon as they let him and he has been friendly to every nurse who has hooked him up to a machine to check to see if he is still in fact alive. (because talking and breathing sometimes doesn't cover all the bases). for someone who just had their jaw broken and put back together and then had their mouth wired shut, this is good stuff. in fact its better than good, its amazing. in all likelihood he will be coming home tomorrow, which makes me more happy than you could even know.

so he is pretty much my hero. and i am a little bit closer to understanding exactly what PMA really means in practice.

he has received excellent care in each floor he has been on. which makes me feel better about blogging instead of finishing out the sox game with him in his room.

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dookieface401 said...

Don't worry, i'm keeping him company! What a woman you are :)