Monday, June 30, 2008

not so whorey

before the big wedding this weekend, the bride to be and i went to get our nails done. we decided to experiment with the "french manicure". why? i have no idea. we were totally called out later that night by a gay antique dealer who likened us to girls from north jersey. nene thought it looked whorey from the beginning. i guess i dropped the ball by not having her get them repainted at the nail salon (d'oh). she was getting married so she changed her polish to something more subtle. not me. i totally owned it.

look at me here...totally owning my whorey nails and eating a chocolate cupcake:

i don't know. i didn't think it was that bad, and i enjoyed the cupcake. of course i did change the polish when i got home because i don't need the work ladies talkin' smack.

1 comment:

renee said...

your nails looked great. mine were square and whorey. oops. i sure had fun getting our nails done together! so girly!!!