Wednesday, June 11, 2008


so i was just in the middle of a google doc, typing up a lengthy post about a recent trip to starbucks and how that got me thinking....well, thinking about how i am amazed that most people can make it through the day without causing some sort of catastrophic event due to their own stupidity. but crap, my story was so boring that i was even bored of writing it.

i also though that maybe i'm not immune either, and some other sarcastic, bad-tempered, tired, hot and hungry 20 something believes me to be someone who can't get out of their own way on a daily basis either. so i will spare you the story about the guy who had never been in a starbucks before. (how does that happen btw?)

instead i will delete that doc and move on to other stories that highlight he fact that my coworkers can't get out of their own way either.

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hows yr edge said...

Oh man, I want to hear this story!