Tuesday, June 24, 2008

why liz? why now?

i spent pretty much all of high school wishing that this event would come to me:


my friends, while supportive of my likes, i don't think really understood the fact that i would have basically died and gone to heaven had liz phair come within driving distance of my home and preformed exile in guyville...acoustic. you probably won't either. the husband might, but that is why he is "the husband" and not just some guy i know.

right right, and you will probably be thinking "indie alt-rock from the 90's, ew" and "she's not even that good" and "her last album was blah" and "didn't i hear her song on a commercial recently?".....well you may not know what you are talking about. this isn't her latest album....it a celebration of her first one! the one that is basically awesome. the one that i owned (and may still) the cassette tape of. the one that i listened to so many times when i was a senior in high school that i referred to the b-side as my sound track.

don't get me wrong, i have seen her preform several times. i even saw one special acoustic performance in 2004, where if memory serves, she played the much beloved "flower" for an audience of boston hipsters.

i don't know how i happened upon this link this morning. i truly have no idea. i don't believe there are any tickets available and i don't exactly have the "jump in the car and hit the road" mentality that high school and college kids have. apparently i am a grown up.

but damn it. couldn't she just pack up an play boston on thursday? seriously.

concession- touring with the band wheat for all those years was a polarizing mistake and i blame her recent disappearance from the music world solely on that fact.

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hows yr edge said...

I saw this tape over the weekend. It was wedged between an E mixtape and some U2 cassettes.