Wednesday, July 16, 2008

for my 200th post

i will first apologize for not posting for like 10 days. for shame.

second, i will make excuses as to why i haven't posted:

  • i got a new lap top- which is awesome but requires me to do things like reload photoshop and transfer my photo files and download firefox 3 and play with the web cam!
  • we went on vacation. yes it was a full 10 days in a row of no work!
  • i have been getting my internet research on to help launch this cool side project i am working on!
  • birthday re-do!
third, i will share with you a few tid bits of info....

vacation last week to bar harbor was fantastic. we had a generally wonderful time despite having to shower at a supply store for the week. my boss always says she loves vacation because she remembers how much she likes her husband, rob. i would have to agree.

speaking of my boss and vacation- she is totally selling me out! i jest a bit, but every year we volunteer for a day at the special olympic summer games. we coordinate the housing for the 1,000+ people that come for the weekend. somehow she planned her vacation during the games this year which means i am short a volunteer. (actually 2 volunteers ahh!) so far the husband has agreed to fill in but if you know anyone who would like to volunteer for one day, please let me know.

i have been trying out this new thing with my handbag. it's where i carry a really small bag with only the essentials instead of a huge bag that holds everything i own. it's not going so well. my phone is too big- i still need my check book on occasion- the list goes on. on my ride home i seriously contemplated a fanny-pack, but i fear i am just not hipstery enough to pull it off. or maybe i am just experimenting with this because i really want to pull off this baby.

so that's a pretty good 200th post. i mean if this blog were a sit-com, i would have just strung together a bunch of old posts and made you sit through them with a laugh-track.

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