Monday, August 25, 2008

breaking my own code of conduct

my own personal code of conduct includes a small clause that states "do not watch cnn willingly". (occasionally i will watch it in the pizza house i go to for lunch and i am always enraged by it)

tonight i am breaking my own code of conduct in order to watch the DNC. i am having trouble concentrating on writing this because i am listening to the speculation that ted kennedy may speak tonight. which is important to me mostly because i am from massachusetts and i'm pretty sure that if he says to vote for obama, that my nana will listen. and that is important because she was planning to vote for hilary clinton - she's waited her whole life to vote for a woman for the chief office, don't you know!

so i'll get back to my regular ramblings tomorrow- or maybe not- because doesn't hilary speak tomorrow? ok- back to cnn (small shudder).

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hows yr edge said...

I love The Nana!