Wednesday, August 13, 2008

crazy story for the birds

earlier today i received a tweet from wbur that mentioned that "on point" would be about pigeons today. i was driving home this evening from a little dinner with my work ladies and they were replaying the show. people were calling in to tell their pigeon stories. apparently pigeons were sort of a popular pet for kids growing up in boston back in the 40's. who knew?

this woman called in with a story about her dad. apparently he had a pigeon with an eye patch who would sit on his shoulder and go with him everywhere. i sort of wish we could get bonnie bird to rock that trick. how awesome would that be?

unfortunately his mother hated the pigeon. she admitted to growing so sick of the pigeon that one day she commandeered the bird and not only did she make a squab soup out of it she fed her son his pet for dinner! he didn't find this out until he was a grown man with kids of his own. how much therapy do you need after that? i suspect a lot.

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