Monday, August 04, 2008

ninja dog seeks comfortable bed

i haven't written about the dogs in a while. since it is summer and the heat has been pretty stifling and the thunder rolls in a few times a week, the big boy hangs out in basement most of the time. he likes it there. it's dirty and cold and he smells like dust. i think he's into it. he loves his alone time, you know. this gives us more time with the little guy and lately he's been cracking me up.

we bought him a new bed a while back to replace the green one that the two of them shredded to bits over the last year. the new bed has a removable cushion. at some point in the last two weeks he figured out that he can now bring part of his new bed with him wherever he wants to in the house to have nap. he also like to bring the cushion over to briggs and taunt him with it. it's as if he's saying "haha fucker, beat this! you can't! your bed is way too big to drag all over the house". and then he shakes the bed vigorously in his mouth, throws it to the ground and collapses on it. (and yes, I suspect that the tuckertino uses foul language - if you've met him you will agree with me)

the other day the husband and i were sitting on the couch when we realized that tucker had brought the cushion into the livingroom and placed it on top of another bed (because you can't have too many dog beds) and was fast asleep, much like the princess and the pea.

so there you have it- we have one lone wolf and one princess with a mouth like a sailor.


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hows yr edge said...

He is the tino-est!

renee said...

what a noodle!