Monday, October 06, 2008

plain old excited

I should tell you all about this wacky dream I had last night that involved my whole family working for the space program and a rocket ship made out of cardboard, but instead I will share this revelation instead.....

So I just signed up to attend my first networking event for Me! This weekend I got a tip from a tweet about the BlogHer Reach Out tour and was pretty psyched that I learned about this great opportunity. My new venture is going to need some blogging to be done but I've been struggling a bit to come up with a great plan. I have some ideas but would love advice and dare I say inspiration from some pros and newbies alike.

While registering I realized that I am often on the other end of the conference line. I test the registration feature on the web. I hand out people's registration packets, help plan the free gifts and wear the same color shirt as the event logo. I go to events that are sponsored by my day job, or a user group, or a company partner. I mingle with members and talk about my program but there is certainly an overarching feeling that I represent the organization I work for not myself. I am grateful for my day job, but alas, it is my job. It isn't ME- or the whole of me anyway.

Somehow this felt different. Sure, I will be representing the Collection Space, but I will also be representing my own hard work, my own blog, and will be learning about something that I felt really intensely interested in on a personal level. The intellectual portion of my brain actually does like insurance sometimes but it leaves portions of me kind of empty...the creative part- the part with a soul (no, just kidding on that last part).

I guess getting right down to it, the lesson here is....very excited to go to the BlogHer Boston this weekend! Yay!


hows yr edge said...

BlogHer Boston in ... Burlington. Is this like how the Providence Airport is in Warwick?

Melissa said...

actually it's exactly like that!

agnes said...
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