Thursday, November 13, 2008

3 Happy Stories and 1 Bonus

1. I was sitting on the couch listening to the husband laugh, out loud, really hard, almost to tears. Then I asked him to read me what was so funny on the internet and he laughed even harder. I love that.

2. I was at the gym watching day time tv and listening to my ipod. As I was watching what appeared to be some ladies win a car, it hit me how much I love to watch people win. It doesn't matter if it's some sports team I have no vested interest in, or dudes winning poker tournaments, or middle aged women winning prizes on the Ellen DeGenerous Show. The genuine happiness comes through the tv and hits me hard and I smile big. In my excitement I may have even peddled a little faster on the bike*.

3. I used to see this more when I worked at Filenes in college but I love when other people in line offer to share their coupons. This doesn't happen very often, but it happened to me today and it was awesome. While standing in line at the Gap holding an armful of denim and more gray sweaters (everything is gray this year, it seems that dressing like a communist is in style. FINALLY!) I realized that I had the wrong coupon. That morning I had read something about 30% off in my email and desperately needing new jeans I thought "Yes, the stars have aligned and I will no longer have to wear pants with holes!" With glee, I grabbed the latest Gap flier that came in the mail and headed out the door. Only, what I realized while standing in line was that I had not brought the magical 30% off coupon. No, I had brought the crappy $15 off a $75 purchase. Poop! However, the very nice lady behind me in line (who was also buying an armful of gray sweaters) called me a friend and graciously lent her coupon to me. This lady rocks! She saved me about $50! Let me say that again...A perfect stranger saved me $50! Man that made my day. I thanked her profusely and told her I would do something nice for someone else. Pay it forward, as the husband would say.

*Have you ever started a workout on the stationary bike at the gym, but set the difficulty level slightly above what your body can actually do? You know, you somehow set the bike to the level that would be named "so hard that were you riding an actual recumbent bike up a hill that steep you would most certainly fall over still stuck in your toe clips". About 10 minuets into my workout this morning, my legs were moving so slowly that the bike actually thought I stopped and it shut off! The nerve! Not to be deterred I just kept on peddling and have decided to just leave the fancy work out selections alone for the time being.

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renee said...

great stories! i can't wait to hear what b.rob was laughing about.

lines are some of the best places to make friends!

hope we aren't wearing the same clothes for the holidays. hee hee.