Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Best Election Day Quote

This was my sister's first time voting in a presidential election. She came home from school this evening to vote and watch election results with the "fam". She called me to see if the Husband and I were indeed doing our part by closely watching the tv coverage. (Which of course, we were watching tv and the internets and our cell phones). She then mentions that they had the foresight to go "full on party" for this event and had stocked up on snacks, chicken wings, and two types of cake. I could hear them in the background - all fully engaged in a cheer/jeer session in the living room. She described it like this:

"Its like the Super Bowl, but more important!"

Of course, this election is no Super Bowl or World Series win but there are similarities - the passion, the energy that erupts, the nonstop press coverage, the die-hard fans, the arm-chair quarterbacks.

It's not over yet as I write this.....Wait...yes Charlie Gibson says it is....game over...winner declared...Obama!

Excitement and relief...let the real work begin.

And the MA #3 Ballot initiative passed. Dog racing will be phased out and banned. Truth be told- that is the one question I was worried wouldn't pass. I was feeling good about the rest.

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