Monday, December 01, 2008

Gone but Not Forgotten

I may have gone shoe shopping at lunch today. Okay. I most certainly did go shoe shopping at lunch today, but in my defense it is because I had worn my pair of clogs down to nothing. The sole was coming off and the buckle was broken on the right shoe. It was time to move on. I know my taste in everyday shoe wear would never pass the "Stacey & Clinton" test, but it works for me. I was happy with my purchases, but started thinking back to great shoes of the past and other items I may have discarded hastily in the name of simplicity.

There are two items in particular that I would really like to magically unhinge themselves from the innermost corner racks of the Salvation Army where they probably lay and come back home to my closet.

Item One: the little black skirt. I bought this skirt from TJ Maxx when I was about 16. It was the perfect back skirt for dressing up or down. It was a tad short, but perfectly work-appropriate when paired with black tights and a sweater. It was equally great for wearing out in the summer with a t-shirt. It was a Cotton Lycra blend which meant that it always fit no matter what and all one had to do to get it back in shape was to throw it in the dryer. It had buttons down the front in a sailor pant style. This skirt had everything going for it, but like so many women before me, when the style pendulum swung to long lines, I tossed the short black skirt out with the bathwater.

Item Two: gray maryjane platform shoes. These shoes, purchased from the Greendale Mall my sophomore year of college, were the prefect accompaniment for the aforementioned skirt, black pants, long skirts and pretty much anything. I know you are wondering how or why I would need a pair of platforms at 5'8", but trust me when I tell you that I should have been two inches taller and these made all the difference. I was in love with these shoes, medium gray flannel, rubber sole, with the cute maryjane strap/buckle. They would look perfect with the black footless leggings I recently bought at Steinmart, but I let them go long ago and have found nothing similar since.

I generally do a total closet overhaul every 6 months and rid myself of items that I don't wear (not in style), shouldn't wear (ugly) or can't wear (ill fitting/ripped or otherwise maimed) and typically I can't even recall what I discard, but these items haunt me still.


Maris said...

LOL at the Stacey and Clinton test. I have mixed feeling about them because on one hand, most of the people they make over really do dress horrendously but on the other hand, if they think they look good, more power to them!

renee said...

i miss those size 2 denim slacks/pants from a few years back. and my old red esprit sneakers with the thick white rubber toe. soon it will be time to part with my 4 gap boat neck long sleeve shirts (i find something that fits and buy several colors).

naked lady parties are great for getting rid of clothes. if held on a regular basis with the same group of gals, your favorite items have a good chance of making it back into your life. or you will see your friend wearing an old sweater that you forgot you missed until you saw it on her. sigh...

hows yr edge said...

I miss that concert tee I purchased at that show back in 1997 ... Oh wait. I think it's just in the back of the 4th drawer on the left.


I miss those grey pants from Banana Republic that you wore (literally) to death. Cute stylee.

Melissa said...

@maris I always feel the same way about those two until you uncover that the people don't actually think they look good- usually they perfer not to look at themselves at all.

@renee thats the worst...seeing someone wear something you gave them and miss!

@howsyouredge ohhh I forgot about those pants. those were the best. I literaly did wear them out. I wish they would continue making those. I would buy them up in a heartbeat.