Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things I Don't Suggest Gift Guide

USB Humping Dog - The perfect gift for anyone who loves dogs doing inappropriate things to their computer.

Pure Cashmere Robe for Men- "Cashmere Georgie! Cashmere!" Creepy guy models ridiculously expensive bathrobe. Hello, Christmas Spirit!

EM Winstson 15-Hole Concert Series Pan Flute
- If your special someone is in need of a pan flute, I'm going to suggest you spring for this 15-Hole one. I mean, you wouldn't want to seem cheap by only getting the 12-Hole. But really...who needs a pan flute?

Egyptian Pyramid Pyramods Jewelry Treasure Box
- Who am I kidding this is the good shit. Can someone just order this for me? I'm putting it on my wishlist.

Adorable Small Baby Sock Coin Purse
- Buy 'em up quick folks the're on sale! With 8 color combinations you'll have quite the decision to make here.

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