Sunday, February 22, 2009

where have i been?

you may be wondering where i have been lately. for the most part, i have been right here, on my couch, shushing my dogs as i watch the entire series of six feet under. of course i was able to fit a few other adventures in the last month or so.

the husband and i met up with the fam in maine and did a little snowshoeing and perhaps too much drinking. i found myself cooking all the time, oh and then there was that thing about how we went on vacation. yup vacation. FINALLY. this winter has been long and cold and darn snowy. more so than usual for new england. so we thought we would pack up the sunblock and head to the carribbean like the rich folks. what we found out later was that it's not so much the rich folks but rather the old folks who find themselves on cruise boats in february but i didn't care. why? because went from this masked robber type:
to this fabulous sun glass wearing chick who hangs in miami in about 3 hours flat:
we had such a good time that i am already plotting my way back onto one of these giant boats again. oh and yes, in case you are wondering, i wore my hat and sunglasses, spf 55 and was fully clothed almost the whole time. i know how to have fun right?

i have more stories to tell. more posts this week. back on the band wagon.

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