Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bed Time Particulars/Neurosis

On more than one occasion I have gotten out of bed to actually make the bed so that the sheets are perfectly straight and not all bunched up around my feet. I am not opposed to doing this while Brian is in the bed. I just make it around him.

The other thing I can't handle is when the sheets get pulled way up and try to choke me out. So yes, I will also re-make the bed if the sheets are too high up.

I also hate light. One time I actually made Brian get out of the bed to help me move the whole thing over 3 feet because the moon light was too bright through the window. Of course, we moved the bed in the wrong direction and within 15 minutes, Brian was fast asleep and I had moon light across my face again.

1 comment:

Maris said...

LOL I hate it when the sheets get crumpled and get in the way of your feet. I need room to toss and turn!