Monday, August 10, 2009

Links Monday

I'm getting ready for a week on the road. Tomorrow I'll be headed to Portland, Maine for the remainder of the week. In my potential absence (as who ever really knows how much blogging they'll get accomplished while sitting in class for 20 hours) I leave you some links:

Lots of Health Care Reform talk out there, if you haven't noticed. The smear campaign continues in earnest but this "New Joe the Plumber" is worse than that "keep your government hands off my medicare guy".

And if you are really interested in why these so called "death panels" may actually a progressive and caring way of helping the elderly and their families deal with the reality of the end of life, I suggest listening to this interview with Dr. Robert Martensen that aired on Fresh Air in April entitled End of Life Care, A Dr.'s Diagnosis. To me this was and eye opening and quite haunting, as I thought about my Grandfather's final days.

Library of Congress Photo Stream- check out the Photochrom Travel Views and the 30s-40s Colour Sets.

Speaking of Historic Photos - LOL Cats popular through the ages.

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