Sunday, August 23, 2009


The husband and I saw the little basket of Rambutan at Idylewilde Farm on Sunday. Inspired by the Mighty Girl, Maggie Mason, and her Mighty Life List, I purchased this piece of exotic fruit just to try it. When I saw that these spiny little fruits were not only $.69, but also has sign with directions on how to eat them, I splurged. I told the husband it would be an adventure and then I wondered if Maggie Mason has eaten one of these yet. Turns out Rambutan was #35 on her quest to eat 1000 fruits.

The Rambutan looks weird with it's red spiny tentacles. It reminds me of a cactus, except the long things are sort soft.

It was easy to break into using my fingernail to break the rind and then it sort of just popped open revealing a strange white orb on one side. That strange white orb is the fruit, which is similar to lyche fruit, or a really big peeled grape. The flesh is firm and juicy and simply tastes fresh. There is no overwhelming sweetness or smell.

Inside the fruit is a seed that looks very much like an almond.

I wonder what number fruit Rambutan is for me. I'll have to count and report back. I think I'd like to eat 1000 fruits, too, as well as so many other things. I should add writing a Life List to my other list of things I should get around to doing.

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