Monday, December 04, 2006

daily stop

starbucks…..most days the stop at the starbucks is part of my morning drive. it is fortunate for starbucks that i drive past one every single day on the way to work. most days it calls to me as i reach the light in the center of town. i hear the swish of steaming milk and the drip drip drip of espresso as it fills my paper heart… i am a coffee drinker. not a crazy two pot a day kind of gal but i like a good 20oz to start my day. in fact i like the largest americano you can give me please- black- no sugar (just in case you are looking to sweeten me up one day). i have been drinking coffee for a quite some time and no, i don’t plan to give it up. i do not intend to ask you to give it up either. however i have a bone to pick with those of you who have taken to buying your children ridiculous coffee drinks at the crack of dawn when most kids should already be on a big yellow bus in front of me on the road somewhere. now i am fairly reasonable. i like kids. i like coffee. i just don't like them together.

why oh why do some people insist on spending gobs of money to purchase the newest frapabeanwhiptasticcupfullofcrap at 8 am
for little suzie when the rest of us should already be at work . ok-i get it-they asked for it- they deserve a treat too- you don't buy fruit loops- whatever but try it on the weekend. picture this...a saturday afternoon after little johnny has been a good boy all week and done his chores and gotten straight A’s and cleaned his room and practiced the cello – you go to the starbucks together and he politely orders a tall sized frapachino. wow. you both walk out happy as you sip sugary coffee through green straws. but really are you buying that for little suzie on a thursday morning before you drive her to school to sit in class all day? and wait is that little suzie yelling at you in line when you approach the counter and you order her 12 syllable drink incorrectly? wait did she also just yell at your husband? and the barista? and now its been about 7 mins and there are about 15 people in line behind you and you still haven't managed to say grande light caramel with whip frapachino? i am guessing this is not what little suzie needs. perhaps considering a diet with less caffeine sugar and whipped topping for your 11 year old would do you all some good. i suggest oatmeal orange juice...and if you're me a really big americano.

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