Tuesday, January 23, 2007

blinded by the light

woke up this morning to find that an inch or so of powdery snow had fallen on the ground- actually I think most of it fell while I was walking the dog last night- but that's a different post...about walking. but today as I went about my morning routine the sun came up all bright and clear cloudless and cold . I drove into the office on my usual route and couldn't help but notice the sun. it paraded down through the barren trees, bounced off the shiny snow covered fenders and wet windows driving past me. it blasted through my dirty windows and only pretended to be shielded by the wimpy sun visors that VW installs. passing the reservoirs - the sun danced on the waterways and then froze on my windshield. it penetrated through shopping plaza signs and my oscar de la renta rip off sunglasses. there are few mornings like this through the NE winter where you don't mind the blinding sunshine as you drive. you just take your time and enjoy feeling those rays that you thought you lost forever back in December.

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