Tuesday, January 16, 2007

don't cry over spilled coke zero?

saturdays are great. there is no work. i love that. my husband and I sleep in, take the dog for a nice long walk, drink coffee, and start our weekly chores. ok I'm kind of a weirdo. I sort of like the chores. it's not so much the chores- I could do without scrubbing toilets and the like- but the results are fantastic. I love a clean house and especially a clean kitchen. when we are done with the chores I like to leave the house. If I stay I generally just dirty it up again way too fast for my liking. this weekend I convinced my husband to drive with me to my favorite farm for vegetables and then to Trader Joes. I used the persuassive power of tacos to get him to agree I think.

it takes about 20 mins to get to the farm from our house, through some of my favorite back roads mind you. the drive winds through two quintessential new england town centers, past a sheep farm, and an apple orchard. as we drove I expressed interest in really wanting a coke zero. husband stopped at a gas station on the way and I ran inside to purchase two coke zeros. back in the car we were on the road again.

I was happily drinking my coke zero- savoring the yummy coke-ness of it and the coldness of the first 5 mins you get with a 20oz plastic bottle. we were about 4 mins away from the farm, when condensation built up, reacted with my hand cream and tragedy struck. the bottle slipped from my fingers and fell over the gear shifter bouncing back up at me and spraying coke zero foam everywhere. I caught the bottle only to have continue to expload all over me leaving my lap a giant puddle which eventually seeped down into the seat of the car.

fortunately my husband is the type to laugh when things like this occur. I mean I did spray soda all over the 20th anniversary edition GTI. what I am some kind of heathen? actually, his car wasn't too bad- but we had to pull over to clean up a bit. mostly there was just coke around the shifter and in the change compartment. I took the worst of this spill. my pants (and other articles of clothing) were sopping wet. I refused to walk into the store looking like I peed my pants- not to mention that I was uncomfortable to boot. we drove home, changed clothes and went back out again.

I opted not to drink any more of my soda in the car, though. a little sad. mmm coke zero.

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hows yr edge said...

Hey, don't forget about the holiday only Sierra Mist Cranberry that you found to be too sweet. That was also purchased along with the coke zeros. Remember? The guy behind the counter thought you were some sort of weird 20 oz soda lady. hahah.