Friday, January 12, 2007


this little guys has lived on my dash for quite some time now. he originated from a small square of individually wrapped chocolate bought at "the Living Earth". i recall purchasing these chocolates for a car trip my husband and I were taking. we were going to be driving to wappingerfalls, NY to pick up the car he was buying. the plan was to drive out there, make the transaction and drive back home. well a few thing went askew that day and we ended up taking the trip twice- but that's a different story.

anyway it was a long day in the car. snacks were needed. i started opening up the chocolates and to my surprise there was a little card with an animal in each one. each card included a story on the back. the first couple were insects if I recall correctly. then we got flint. what a cute little guy. such a happy picture. a chimpanzee dancing along in the jungle. well, upon reading the story of flint I came to realize that he did not have such a happy life but had made an interesting case study for Jane Goodall as well as those people studying attachment disorders and the like. I won't get into his whole story here- you can read more.

back to the car- I was reading this story- completely unaware of any of the stories surrounding Jane Goodall and the chimpanzee families she observed. this was all new to me, really. still I liked the picture and stuck him in the seam of dash and there he has stayed there ever since. he has stayed there through heat cold and amoral cleanings. whomever captured this photo of him caught him during one of the few times he was really happy. I liked that.

weeks after flint had found his home on my dash I went to my parents house to pick up my 14 year old brother. my brother shuffles into the car, mumbles "hello" in a way that only a teenage boy can, he flipped the long hair out of his eyes and looked at the picture of flint. he picked it up and turns to me and says "Melis, is this a picture of flint? as in flint and flo and fagan." I looked back in shock and said "yes, what do you know about flint". He then proceeded to tell me the story of flint, mother flo and baby fagan. I was shocked and a little mystified at how my brother knew all this information and could spout it all off at the drop of a hat. further probes into how he came upon this information- or how he knew flint just by looking at a picture of him turned up very little. he went back to the mumbling teenage boy that I was used to. I wrote it off as him having seen a special on Animal Planet. This is one of my very favorite stories to tell about my brother. I hope to be able to use i at say his wedding some day.

note: subsequent tries to find more of this chocolate have turned up nothing. booo.

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