Thursday, January 04, 2007

letter writing

so one of the things that irks me about all this free to think time while driving along is that occassionally I think of something that really needs to be done. I mean REALLY needs to be done- like get a pit in your stomach about it everytime it crosses your mind. ug. last night on my way home I realized I had something to do. something I have been putting off for months and something I shouldn't let fester anymore. and now everytime I even think about the car I think about the fact that I have to do this.

I think I will have time tormorrow night to get myself in order- write these dang things. on the off chance that I put ot off for yet another day....week...month....I guess I will just suffer with this pit in stomach feeling. blah. but hopefully it will inspire me to finish my task. is that what that feeling is for? get your ass to get up and go?

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