Saturday, December 30, 2006

alone no more

what a season...holidays and all. it starts with a turkey it ends on new years day when all the x-mas decorations are falling off the needless tree and the lights on the house start slipping off the pillars. hope you got your letter in to santa, but I digress......back to driving.......

generally I drive by myself. just me- maybe the pooch- but usually just me. I use my morning drive to get quietly acquainted with the day at hand. I make a quiet plan of action for the day or I listen to NPR as I roll down rt 85. I use my drive home to cleanse my brain of all the "stuff" that happened sine I got out of my car at 8:20am. dependent on the state of my mind (which ranges between relaxed and happy to majorly stressed and hungry as hell) I may continue to listen to NPR and quietly get home to greet the doggy and go for a walk. of course I may also insist on shouting the words to some inane song as I fly through the streets. I have been known to indulge in a guilty pleasure - Toucher & Rich - or just plain old talking to myself. however I am alone no more on my daily drives.

my sister has been riding to work with me since she has been home on break. I pick her up on my way in- I drop her off on my way home. secretly I am envious that she never drives anywhere. it is literally on my way, and she is cool, I like her. but my morning routine has been truncated into about 4 mins and my evening routine into about 6. instead of waking up to the world slowly I am instead compelled to talk to my sister, ask her about her nightly adventures, ect. I tell her funny antics, she tells me how "tired" she is and complains about going to the gym at 5:30. We Laugh. in the evening she complains that it i dark even though its only 4:30 and I say things that are very dry. we laugh.

at first I was thinking- oh well Its just not the same not having a drive by myself. but you know what? it isn't. but I laugh more and you can't beat that can you?

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