Sunday, December 17, 2006

number 25...........zoom zoom

if santa drives car- not a sleigh- then i'm pretty sure it looks like this photo. the neighbors around the corner have this up in their yard. a couple streets over santa is riding a motorcycle. i don't really see him as the motorcycle kind of guy though. santa isn't that kind of loud. not loud in the aggressive sense anyway. i mean, he is loud- big man, red suit, legendary love of cookies, army of reindeer- but he's not overbearing, invade your space kind of loud like a motorcycle as it zooms by you in low gear. santa isn't really a race car driver either. reindeer don't emit puffs of smoke or crash into walls. santa rides a sleigh pulled by reindeer. he keeps a handwritten list of children to give gifts. he organizes all of his needs with magic. he seeks out wishes to grant them. he expects no thank yous. he expects nothing in return beyond a bite of cookie. he embodies goodness and lighthearted spirit, a little bit of magic and a touch of the impossible. I like him.

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