Thursday, February 22, 2007


one of my longest running day dreams is the one where I direct a movie. this movie in my head- while it has never fully developed into anything- has always been a road trip movie. always. sometimes I hear a song on the ipod, and I think "oh, that'd be great in my movie". or I'm driving with the husband and I think, "this conversation could be in my movie". I was thinking about this today and while contemplating the use of Queen songs in my soundtrack when I started thinking- there have been tons of road trip movies already. its a genre thats been done and done again. there is no way I could do it better (especially considering that I don't know the plot yet).

and then it hit me...duh..."Little Miss Sunshine".

This movie was fantastic. It was funny, witty and generally worth watching. i may be biased because the driving takes place in a beat up v-dub, or that the colors are ultra vibrant, or because that little abigail was so darn good but I loved it. a road trip movie about a dysfunctional but loving family trying to keep it together while falling apart could go either way but this movie does it right. there is the right amount of yelling, fighting, humor, drug use and references to nietzsche to bring a movie home. the best character, while you think its going to be steve carell- is actually the older brother. I could go on and on but no need to reinvent the wheel. the reviews are generally glowing.

who knows if i'll ever get to make my movie- or even write my movie, but at least the professionals are still doing it right.

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