Friday, February 23, 2007

what can brown do?

Brown, what can you do for me? you can deliver me packages. you can drive all through the night, through wind and hail and snow and sleet and deliver my giant brown box filled with glorious purchases from right to my office. whats better? you have a nice delivery man on our route. he brings the packages in though the loading dock, hands them to marc and he brings them right to my little cubicle.

and while some of you may be mocking me as I ooh and ahh over what is essentially bowl with a cover- I see a beautiful piece of ceramic mastery produced by HLC, Inc in cinnabar. I see a piece of kitchen equipment worthy of new recipes and serving guests at a dinner party. I see another piece in the ever growing collection of fiestaware that I have coveted since I was 15.

brown- you rule. you brought me this fantastic dish- I made this for dinner:

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