Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hawk Hunting Part 1

Saturday was a lovely day for a drive. We headed out on 495 to portsmouth for an afternoon. the husband wanted to check out the bull moose and I figured we would end up eating at a favorite spot, The Friendly Toast, so off we went.

however i didn't know that it would be such a great day in blogging history.

you may or may not know that while driving in the car I LOVE looking for wildlife along the road ways. especially hawks. they are by far the best for 'hunting'. I usually express this by shouting HAWK- even if I am mid-sentence when I spy one.

so saturday was indeed a great day for hawks. we spotted 11 of the little devils on our 70 mile journey. see below.....

what's that? you don't see them? well you're just not looking hard enough.

ok here's one more. this guy was all about the camera. (thank you murph)

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hows yr edge said...

11 hawks. Where's the private eye/stalker hawk photo? That one was a keeper.