Wednesday, February 14, 2007

snow day

ok- so it wasn't a true blue 100% snow day, because I did have to go to work, but I did get out early and the husband didn't go in at all. but it was the first real winter nor'easter we've gotten so far. I did have to drive - not tot he office but to a co-worker's house to complete a consulting project.

my drive in went like this:

wow thats a lot slush. has anyone plowed yet?
wow that sidewalk plow must have rammed into that camry. what a bum out.

whoa. did that plow truck actually just run fullspeed into that mini van and head across the street to finish plowing the lot he was doing? WTF?
whoa. that was my little car fish-tailing as I drive by the lake.I think I'll go slower.

ack. I can't get my car out of the road here. quick- get me shovel.
ack. still no one has plowed?

sweet. here is a big mother of a plow truck. I shall follow it all the way home- or for about 7 miles or so. 

sweet. briggsington is gaurding the house from scary plow trucks and stray cats.

awesome. I was home at 2:30 today. I'll be home by 2:30 tomorrow. and I have Friday off.

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hows yr edge said...

That last pic was taken right before Briggs decided to be naughty. A great dog, but a little naughty.