Wednesday, February 14, 2007

new friend

I mentioned in earlier posts that on saturday the husband and I took a drive up to portsmouth, nh. one of the essentials for a lengthy car ride is a small snack (or many small snacks) and a drink or two- no not a cold beer and or some sort of wine spritzer, silly- I mean a bottle of water and a soda.

the story of how I made a new friend goes like this:

The husband needed to stop to get gas before we headed out on the highway. his stop meant that I could run into the cumberland farms for some road essentials. he requested a bubbly water (normally my drink of choice) but I wanted a coke zero.

coke zero on a saturday afternoon- yummy.

so I ran inside and grabbed a bottle of perrier for the husband, grabbed a packet of sweet tarts, looked for a york peppermint patty (don't tell the vegetarian police I eat those) and then I headed over to the coke case.

holy shit- what did I see? a new product- what could it be?????????

yes folks, meet my new friend, cherry coke zero. cheery coke zero has all the goodness of cherry coke but in a calorie free format. I have been waiting for this day -- hurray!

(story continued) I proceeded to the check out counter, bottles in hand. the scary cashier with the painted on eyebrows was unable to scan the coke zero. the perrier came up no problem, but the coke was so new that it would not ring up in the computer. I was thinking "no no no lady, not the new cherry coke zero!!!!get a price on that stuff quick!" Getting a price involved me running back to the case to find the price, getting the scary smoking man with no teeth from outside to help with the computer and finally we decided on a price of $1.39. (ok I too remember when a 20oz bottle was like $.99 but whatever). I had paid and was on my way when the eyebrow lady reminded me that she did not ring up the candy. I was pretty much done with that store and her eyebrows, so I told her I changed my mind. I figured we didn't need candy anyway....I had cherry coke zero after all.

I ran to the car to unveil my purchase to the husband, who was stoked. we opened the bottles and tasted the calorie free cherriness, I took dictation and we drove on to NH.

It was a good day.

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