Friday, March 09, 2007

new roads

I live by the mantra that when driving, especially in MA and RI, you really can’t get “that lost” so it’s best when in doubt to try a new route, new road, or not be too worried when you make a wrong turn. Sometimes this method isn’t optimal. There was the time I got turned about and was over ½ an hour late coming back to work at lunch time. I somehow ended up in the town next door about 6 miles out of my way. I wound through back roads I had never seen before but I knew that I would eventually turn up somewhere I was familiar with. And after an hour or so of wooded scenery, farmland, and construction detours, I followed a sign that got me back on track. (I am also fortunate to have a boss who is more than understanding when I do dumb things). So truly, nothing was lost there. In fact I gained the experience of traveling those roads- noting the possibility of future uses when an escape route might be needed.

I try hard to apply this mantra to others parts of my life- eating in particular. I am generally willing to try anything (as long as it didn’t have a mother). I will willfully try any green vegetable that comes along, any hot and spicy pepper, oil drenched olive, or bizarre cocktail. Sometimes I am unimpressed by new things - sometimes I find true love- but I’d never know either way unless I tried. I admit that I lose patience when some people do not apply said mantra- especially in food. In fact, I absolutely loath when people turn down trying something new because it is a green vegetable. Like the lady I work with who made fake gagging noises for about 20 minuets when I mentioned the avocado- she is in her 50s, seriously grow up. Or when people find out that there are say onions in a dish and whine on and on about how onions are evil. Come on-no they're not.
I lose patience when I am around people who never veer off the course they are on...People who can’t bear the thought of trying something new because it might not work...People who refuse to deviate from their plan...and then when I think about it I realize that I am guilty of not living my own mantra, too, at times. There are some aspects of my life that I don't budge on. There are times that I really prefer to take the more travelled road, the safer road, the smooth road. And the reason why....because it's less risky.
I suppose that I should step up so to speak and remember to apply the mantra to my whole life. There are many roads I have yet to travel down- I need to start exploring more of them.

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hows yr edge said...

One of my favorite people: the person who refuses to try a food because someone describes it as "vegetarian" or "vegan." Just because it has no mom related products, doesn't mean it is poison flavor.