Monday, May 21, 2007

About Town

spent this very wet weekend in and about town. the husband and I were suppose to head to NYC for a little big city action- but it was too wet to make such an excursion worthwhile.

instead we hit up the Wrentham Outlets, Big Fresh, Barnes & Noble, my Aunt's house for a christening, petco, staples, easternboarder, concrete wave, the grocery store, I cleaned my closet, washed the kitchen floor, made "chicken parm" sandwiches, and watched the last episode of the black donnelly's- among other things.

highlights of the drive were:
the BIG Polar Bear is back on 290. wave when you go by next.
the consolation sneaker purchase prize.
staples wide array of binders
meeting yet another homeless dog (is someone trying to tell me something?)

coming soon: our own personal priceline negotiator? is a new vehicle in our future? we shall see.

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