Sunday, May 13, 2007


let us just skip over the fact that it has been a month since my last post. we'll just call it a vacation and end it there.

on to cake. it is the husband's birthday on monday. he requested the world famous vegan carrot cake with vegan cream cheese frosting. i was into it.

i started last saturday by buying vegan cream cheese while we were at the big grocery store.

on wednesday i got over to the whole foods at lunch time and picked up some misc items including a giant bag of carrots. mmmm. carrots. upon leaving the store I realized I forgot the hazelnuts.

on friday i went to the trader to pick up the hazelnuts. (among other things not related to cake at all).

saturday I made the cake. all was goin good. I was ready to put cakes in oven when I realized I aain forgot the nuts. doh! I chopped some upan d sprinkled them on top of the layers. sometimes you just have to make do. oooh 45 mins later cakes came out of the oven. lookin good!!!!!

fast forward to about 5pm. i go to make the frosting. I assemble all ingredients on the counter. I take a closer look at the cream cheese I purchased. hmmm- take a closer look- Herb & Chive! doh! that will not a good frosting make.

another trip to the trader. plain cream cheese, please. (also BBQ sauce and dinner- but this post is about cake)

finally assembled cake (see pictures of my hard work).

finally cut cake. gave a piece to the husband who seemed quite happy to eat bday cake 2 days early.

mmmmm cake. so good.

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